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What does an air conditioning technician do?

There are many companies that provide refrigeration and air conditioning services, in these cases, they not only sell the products but also install, repair and even advise the client throughout the purchase and after-sales process.

Currently, this field is constantly booming and offers a wide range of jobs. The heating, ventilation and air conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC / R) program aimed at the academic public, is based on a practical approach where students train and work in real air conditioning and refrigeration equipment.

This type of laboratory allows students to gain experience in equipment installation, maintenance of air conditioning units, troubleshooting equipment failures and cooling systems.

When an air conditioner is sold and then installed, it is the air conditioning technician who bears the responsibility of doing it properly and for this, he needs to not only know the product well but also must have the correct preparation (university career or technique).

It should be noted first that everything that anyone who has a technical education, will stand out above those who do not when looking for a job related to air conditioning since through studies they will develop countless skills and essential knowledge.

During the preparation of an air conditioning technician, it is tested under circumstances where technical installations and automatisms, air conditioning, installation and industrial and refrigeration extraction, maintenance and assembly of all types of refrigeration equipment and also industrial, among others, must be thoroughly known for later execution.

An air conditioning technician must be highly prepared to be able to compete in a market that is growing more and more, all this in order to perform his job well which demands many skills.

In addition, the new repair technologies that arise over time also become part of the technician’s comprehensive training. Mastery in the maintenance and installation of all air conditioning equipment, and full knowledge of the systems and parts of the equipment, makes it capable of developing new strategies that increase the efficiency of air conditioning devices, all according to their Features and use.

South Florida is a good market to work in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry, not only because of the number of homes, businesses, offices, schools, hospitals, hotels and warehouses that use air conditioning equipment, but because the regulations of the counties require the adaptation of existing equipment to the new codes, and also the opportunity to improve the enjoyment of this tropical climate.

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Work smarter, not harder

Having a functional HVAC system can mean many things. For a family it means comfort, family time, safety; for a business means productivity, happy employees, motivation. So when it comes to HVAC maintainence and service, excellence means a lot, and also efficiency. 

With this in mind, and many years working on the industry, we’ve come with an idea: a drain pan remover that facilitates the work of AC technicians, with the simplicity of a pocket tool, multi-purpose, as for to fit drain pan plugs from unit such as; American Standard, ADP, Rheem, Ruud, York, Coleman, Trane, Amana, Goodman, and Lennox.

This tool is small enough to not be considered as a load, but strong enough not to bend or get deformed, additional to it, is unbelivably easy to use.

Down below you can see how it works.

Place the bottom end of the embodiment into the slot of the female connection plug and remove gently to the left. (For Goodman, Daikin & Amana AC Units).

Place the small square embodiment onto the small square headed plug and remove gently to the left. (For Rheem, & RUUD AC Units).

Place the right lateral side of the embodiment into the slot of the female connection plug and remove gently to the left. (For York, & Coleman AC Units).

Place the large squared embodiment onto the slot of the large squared headed plug and remove gently to the left. (For York AC Units).

Place the top end of the embodiment into the slot of the female connection plug and remove gently to the left. (For Trane, & American Standard, Lennox and ADP AC Units).

Multi-Plug produces devices, regulators or transmitters specifically to help the maintenance and air conditioning of work environments.

Keeping the workspace comfortable and enjoyable will allow employees to perform their tasks with greater productivity and efficiency.