Proper maintenance of a boiler room

When it comes to optimizing energy resources in residential buildings, it is not only important for the equipment used to generate both heat and domestic hot water.

So is the maintenance of the boiler room that guarantees that all the elements work correctly and risks are minimized as much as possible.

Today there is the Regulation of Thermal Installations in Buildings (RITE) that regulates the operation, review, and installation of boiler rooms. It establishes different requirements that must be met to guarantee your safety.

A boiler room is a space that houses production equipment for the production of heat and domestic hot water for users of a facility.

Although it seems common sense, this enclosure should only be used for this purpose. Unfortunately, this norm is not respected in many buildings, and the space used for the boiler room becomes yet another storage room.

This exponentially increases the risk of accidents, from fires to gas leaks, and should not be done under any circumstances. (If you want to learn some tips about safety measures for HVAC technicians click here)

Maintenance of a boiler room

-Correct use of the room

This should be the first step so that a boiler room is in optimal conditions: that its use is only for power generation. In addition, their access must be restricted to the person responsible for maintenance and to the representative of the neighborhood community or the owner.

This guarantees that the handling of the room and its equipment is only carried out by the person responsible for its maintenance, a technician legally authorized to carry out any operation in it, in accordance with current regulations.

-Maintenance contract for a boiler room

When it comes to community facilities, there is an obligation to contract the services of a specialized company that is qualified for such purposes. The company will be responsible for the correct operation and regular monitoring of the boiler room.

-Responsibilities of the company

It must supervise the proper functioning of all the components of the room, as well as correct any possible deviations that may occur. Likewise, it will ensure the safety of the installation and its correct regulation.

Likewise, it must issue the required documents that determine that the proper maintenance of a boiler room was carried out. As this is a mandatory requirement, its omission can lead to fines before the law.

But not only legal obligations make maintenance necessary, it is imperative to avoid any type of accident that leaves not only material but also human losses. Neglecting these tasks can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning, fires, or fuel leaks, all avoidable with good maintenance.

In addition, it improves the energy performance of the equipment, thus increasing its useful life and reducing emissions to the environment and saving fuel.

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